Get confident speaking English fast!

Join our reading groups to fix your pronunciation, improve your vocabulary and learn English in a non-judgmental setting online.

Our Benefits


Get more individual attention and support from your teacher and other group members.

Retain English

You will understand and remember more when you have to read aloud instead of just sitting in a classroom.

Feel Confident

Massive confidence boost as you hear others learn to read and speak English and when you get your turn.

Popular Material

Learn from real and popular English language books, magazines and novels along with your teacher and group.

No Pressure

This is not a test. You are not judged or forced to remember words that are not essential to your life.

Learn Quickly

You learn English fast! You understand how words are put together from world-class authors of real books.

No Grammar

No grammar classes! Learn English grammar, syntax and spelling from real authors in real published books that you can buy in a bookstore at any time.


More exposure to English. Because you will see many styles of writing, sentence construction, punctuation and diction.

Listen & Learn

Learn to Listen! As you listen to your group members turn their turn to read, you will learn to follow along with the words and also see how they are pronounced by persons with different accents.

Group Support

Learn to Speak! Follow and learn from your group members when it becomes your turn to speak.

How it works

  • 1. Join one of our small groups that meet 3 times a week for 90 minutes. You will join by Zoom call. Make sure you have a good camera, microphone and are in a quiet place.

  • 2. Everyone will get a chance to read in each session for at least 5-10 minutes.

  • 3. You will get a recording of the session after every class so you can go over it on your own time and see how you did!

General Requirements:

Basic knowledge of the English alphabet and how to pronounce each letter. If not, watch our free video on the English alphabet and learn how to put together the letters.


Beginners (basic reading level)

4 Weeks, 3 times per week, 90 minutes. Recordings available after classes

3,500 THB

Intermediate (intermediate reading level)

4 Weeks, 3 times per week, 90 minutes. Recordings available after classes

5,500 THB

Advanced (advanced reading/speaking level)

4 Weeks, 3 times per week, 90 minutes Recordings available after classes

7,500 THB

Business English (emails, online, correspondence)

4 Weeks, 3 times per week, 90 minutes Records available after classes

10,000 THB